About Us

Alfredo Rossi came to England in 1955 with only a suitcase to his name. He left Italy to help his uncle already involved in ice cream where he learnt the trade. 

He married his childhood sweetheart from the same village Valvori (Near the famous monastry Monte Cassino) in 1963. 

Starting his own company in 1967 in Kettering, where the production plant is still there today. The moto he adopted for his ice cream is quality and nothing else will do. Today the company is still going strong within the Rossi family, where they try to purchase as much of the raw materials locally. The cream is from our local farmers, the sponges from a local bakery and the flavours from a local wholesaler.

We recycle 70% of our waste and water to cool the cooked milk is also used to clean the canadian-pharm365 at the end of the production day. We like to be green.